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Lately we are very focused on all the search & rescue operations, which took place in our near surroundings and abroad. For quite a few years we are active participants in preventive actions as well in real situations (in cases of missed – lost persons on heavy terrains or in some other opportunities, where people need our help).

These are the basis for direction of our activities and preparations for co-operation with local and non governmental organizations as well as with responsible offices in our Ministry of defense. In NASSAR we modernized and upgraded the existing programs from several fields of different search and rescue teams and prepared some directions and working plans for new groups, which are still to be established.

As our intention and wish is to get better and more thorough collaboration we are presenting you our purposes, goals and activities of National Association of Slovene Search and Rescue teams for international co-operation and assistance.



- Unite the members for joint and organized fulfilling of NASSAR tasks in protection, rescue and help,
- Be a member of the National team for quick interventions (locally or international),
- Search and rescue with the help of search dogs, water rescuers, mountain rescuers, cave rescuers, divers, teams with light and/or heavy technical equipment, teams specialists for first aid etc.,
- Regional, bilateral and multilateral connections,
- Work on the development and research in the field of education and readiness of NASSAR members,
- Organize and encourage sports activities (in achieving better overall physical condition) of members.

They are achieved:

- With it’s highly educated members,
- With it’s activities contributes to development of rescue services and it performs humanitarian mission,
- It stands for respect of ethical and moral aspects in general,
- It takes care for public relations, co-operation and exchange of knowledge between the similar organizations inland and abroad,
- Promotes it’s activities,
- Encourage getting special knowledge of it’s members on basis of verified programs,
- Takes care for safety of it’s members and professional co-workers, gives them education on this matters, and take care for preventive security actions, along with verifying, that they are respected, in rubber, avalanche, water and area,
- Plan, organize and execute events such as: seminars, lectures, consultations, excursions, courses, exams, competition etc. and runs exact data on everything done
- Co-operate with institutions, which are professional and scientific involved in this area,
- Economically runs all funds in money and material resources.


- Directing and expanding search and rescue activities inland and abroad,
- Creative collaboration within European Union and United Nations,
- Composing rescuer teams for search, rescue and help the victims of any disaster,
- Perform preventive programs and plans of defense against natural, human or other disasters through completion in organization, equipment and readiness of all the NASSAR members.


In order to strengthen our efforts to be ready up to the INSARAG guidelines we have prepared:
a) A program, which combine us to the structural and functional united system,
b) Upgraded already existing programs (combined from different specialized areas of rescue teams) and gave some points of direction in improving programs in separate (individual) rescue unions and organizations,
c) Financial evaluation of planned programs in separate unions and organizations,
d) Basic standards for structuring and outfit of units in separate unions and organizations.

We believe that our proposal meets all the necessary and expected standards, because:

- We have, on basis of our experiences, very clearly comprehend requests of rescue activities and also the limitations, under which we (can) operate,
- Our methods in approaching to rescue activities includes various partners from other rescue forces (either voluntary or professional),
- A core of our rescue unit has good basis for even heavy search and rescue needs,
- Many of our rescuers were participating in real rescue activities inland and abroad, some have proved their good readiness in some world championships, some on international readiness tests…,
- We have successfully organized and brought to the end quite a few search and rescue exercises and real situations.

In NASSAR and with it we combine:

- Rescue dog organization REPS Maribor
- Motorbike club Enduro Sport Maribor
- Radio amateurs
- Medical First Aid
- Rescuers
- Logistic heavy team (cranes, high pressure pillows etc.)
- Rescue vehicle with reanimation equipment
- Veterinarian
- Divers


More detailed presentation of our activities is written in our statute and other documents (such as instructions, charts, operational plans…). NASSAR has over 35 members – rescuers of different special fields. Our strongest side at the moment is in management and co-ordination and the field of logistics (special tools, hydraulic pillows, cranes…).

In present we can operate in regional sphere (meaning our neighbour countries). Our final aim is to be educated and fully qualified member of International search and rescue forces.

Our comparative advantages:
- well trained leadership (management)
- mobile and quick teams of rescuers
- nearness of the airport (for charters), only 15 km from our center in Maribor
- good logistic center
- international relations (co-operation) with other search and rescue organizations.